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Pour être "V.I.P" (ne plus avoir de téléchargement via le serveur) et continuer l'aventure sereinement une participation de 10 € par an est demandée , qu'en pensez-vous ?

89% 89% [ 8 ]
11% 11% [ 1 ]

Total des votes : 9


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Message par CS|Museb le Dim 7 Aoû - 12:55

Nickname in the game:  :muse:
Name: Rasmus
Age: 14
Country:  Danemark
Connection: Cable -> WiFi
Leisure & Passions: Movies and Music, Gaming
How many languages do you speak & which are they ? :  Danemark + Angleterre
How long you play "WOLF" : For about 6-7 years. With breaks, but started to play again.
Availability, when you play (hours and days) I dont really have any 'days' where I play, I play when I want and have time, which in some periods is often Very Happy.
Are you good (not) lose (s): I would say  that I´m good at playing the objective, when I can. And okay at shooting, if you know what I mean;)

Previous Teams: [EaD]
How did you know "COOL SQUAD" I was looking for a NQ server, and found CS, I liked it and stayed. In the beginning because of the nice server, but after a little time, also because of the members!
Why did you choose "COOL SQUAD" Because of the way the server is. I´m very happy with the ability to vote for the next map, and also the point that there is 80+ maps, soon about 90, I´ve heard. And of course also because of the members!

Do you know "TEAM SPEAK" & Xfire: Yes.
Do you have a microphone: Yes.

If we select you, how do you intend to give of yourself to the team: I´ll help the server the way I can. And play the objective on maps where I know how to, and if I don´t, I´ll ask if I´m completely lost.


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Re: CS|Museberg.............

Message par CS|GSXR1000 le Dim 7 Aoû - 16:53

Welcome here Museberg. cheers

Messages : 188
Date d'inscription : 01/08/2011
Age : 48
Localisation : A droite, aprés l'arbre...


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Re: CS|Museberg.............

Message par CS|KOOL le Dim 7 Aoû - 18:28

Welcome Rasmus !

Now don't hesitate to post here , it is the "COOL SQUAD's forum" so it is yours man.

Fondateur de la Team

Dernière édition par CS|KOOL le Mer 10 Aoû - 8:03, édité 2 fois

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Date d'inscription : 31/07/2011
Age : 42


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Re: CS|Museberg.............

Message par Invité le Lun 8 Aoû - 17:59

Welcome Museberg !!

See you in game !!


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Re: CS|Museberg.............

Message par CS|K!LLER le Mer 10 Aoû - 8:47

You Are Welcome Museberg .

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Date d'inscription : 03/08/2011

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Re: CS|Museberg.............

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